I help individuals who need energy/vitality for everyday living and those who are facing health challenges create custom wellness plans that are anchored in a safe and prayerful environment. Can you imagine the joy you’d experience in having and achieving sustainable success with a Wellness Plan that successfully assists your body in releasing extra pounds… a Wellness Plan to assist one in becoming pregnant ….a Wellness plan uniquely designed for you whether you are a stressed out CEO of a business or the CEO of your home or a Wellness plan to prevent a high blood glucose level from turning into Type II Diabetes?

As a Wellness Attraction Ambassador/Wholistic Wellness Specialist, I help various types of people attract wellness into their lives. If you are an employee who uses a lot of sick time, I can help you achieve a stunning work attendance record. In doing so, you can therefore, position yourself for job promotions and achieve greater work/life balance. If you are a business owner/manager, I can help you maintain or increase levels of productivity that would otherwise suffer because of high employee absenteeism due to illness.



12 one hour, weekly laser-focused consulting/teaching sessions

Investment: $2,500 (if paid in full)

Staggered Cash Installment Plan: $500 initial cash deposit due with signed contract; $1,000 will be due by Session 3 and $1,000 will be due by Session 6

Staggered Automatic Credit Card Charge Installment Plan: $500 initial cash deposit with signed contract; $1,125 will be charged by Session 3 and $1, 125 will be charged by Session 6

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Maryland State Department of Education-approved Medication Administration Trainer

(Required course for Daycare/Pre-school Centers)

Investment: $400 ( Maximum of 10 students per class)

Business/Employee Wellness Seminars: 60 to 90 minute Wellness Seminar-“Wellness as a Major Attraction in Your Organization” or “Your Wealth is in Your Health”

Investment: $500

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Partial Speaking History

Media: Fox 5 TV Segments, Telemundo on The CW Television Network

Educational Engagements: Ask a Nurse Telethon at Children’s National Medical System, First Baptist Church of Glenarden (The Institutes), Wesley Seminary (Heal the Sick Program), Faith Community Nursing Class(Children’s National Medical System) PG Community College

Speaking Engagements: Walker Memorial Baptist Church, SHABACH Christian Academy (First Baptist Church of Glenarden), University of Maryland @ Baltimore School of Nursing, Instituto de Educacion Infantil, Lomax AME Zion (Alexandria, Va.), Union Temple Baptist’s Women’s Conference, Wesley AME Zion (Washington, D.C,)

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