Wellness Attraction Enterprises is a wholistic wellness, education and consulting business for individuals at different stages of life. Its President and Chief Wellness Attraction Ambassador, Dr. Gayle Jones, through public speaking, consulting and educating builds spiritual capacity in people to successfully navigate the seasons of life, while experiencing the Biblical promises of supernatural health. As a faith and business speaker, Dr. Jones provides businesses with workload management solutions and enables employers to maintain or increase levels of productivity that would otherwise suffer due to employee absenteeism. Employees are helped as job performance is enhanced and they experience a peaceful work-life balance.

Mission: To help individuals successfully navigate the seasons of life, attract wholistic wellness into their lives and experience the Biblical promises of supernatural health.



Baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse, masters prepared health educator, certified natural health professional and faculty person for the Faith Community Nursing curriculum are former roles that Dr. Gayle served in for over 30 years.  During those 30-plus years of caring for ill or injured children/teens, she never became sick!   As a clinical nurse in Children’s National Health System’s Emergency Medical Trauma Center and the Adams Morgan/Comp Medical Homes in Washington, D.C., Dr. Gayle administered many vaccinations to children/teens.   She has transitioned from giving injections of medications to giving injections of health wisdom for health promotion, healing, inspiration and holistic wellness to people locally, nationally and internationally (Cuba, Peru).   As an engaging inspirational speaker, she receives raving reviews from her audiences.   As a teacher of health wisdom in the classroom, in business settings, in churches or other speaking platforms, Dr. Gayle impacts audiences with transformational outcomes and infectious positive energy.   Her unique preparation as a baccalaureate-trained registered nurse and Doctor of naturopathy makes her bilingual in the language of medical/nursing science and naturopathy.

Dr. Gayle Jones is the Chief Wellness Attraction Ambassador and President of Wellness Attraction Enterprises LLC. God has given her the tongue of the learned for she knows how to teach a word in season to those who are sick and tired of being sick, those who are well and desire to remain well, and those who don’t know what they don’t know about prospering and being well in their spirit, soul and body.

She has been married to Dr. Legaunt Jones for more than 30 years.   They have two adult daughters, one young grandson and reside in Maryland.


Did you know there’s more to being fit, than your physical fitness? Wellness requires us to be F.I.T.: Fully Invested in our Transformation! Dr. Gayle Jones is an expert at getting you to your most optimum level not only physically, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally. If you’re ready to take on the season ahead of you like a Titan, this is where you start!